Latest Architecture Competitions – our pick, 18.12.2013

The ‘Money 2013‘, ‘International Museum of Astronomy‘, ‘XXIV Pladur‘, ‘EeStairs Design‘, ‘Rome Motorino Check Point Architecture‘, ‘Aldo Morelato Foundation furniture‘ competitions: The bloggers’ pick of this week’s competitions!

Money 2013, the Arctic lands
7 Jan 2013 : regular registration period deadline
21 Jan 2014: deadline for submission of proposals

Courtesy of Think Space

Courtesy of Think Space

Devised by David Garcia of MAP Architects, the competition is seeking for a design proposal that tackles the present economic and territorial challenges in the present and future of the Arctic lands.

To register and for more information, please click here.

International Museum of Astronomy Design Competition, Atacama, Chile
16 Jan 2014 : regular registration period deadline
31 Jan 2014 : deadline for submission of proposals

Courtesy of Arquideas.

Courtesy of Arquideas.

The objective of this competition for architecture students and young architects is to create a centre for lovers of Astronomical Tourism to learn and observe the sky. Whether in a professional or amateur capacity, this activity attracts thousands of tourists to Chile from other continents such as Europe, Asia or Australia, who want to experience the pleasure of discovering and learning about the celestial sphere.

To register and more information, please click here.

24th Iberian Competition for Pladur Building Solutions, Madrid, Spain
25 April 2014 : deadline for submission of proposals

Courtesy of Pladur.

Courtesy of Pladur.

The 24th edition of the Iberian Competition for Pladur® Building Solutions is organised by the Spanish shaftwalls specialist Pladur® to encourage students of architecture to think about new ideas and solutions with its products.

To register and more information, please click here.

The EeStairs Design Competition, Barneveld, The Netherlands
24 Sep 2013 : registration period opens
9 Jan 2014 : deadline for submission of proposals

Courtesy of EeStairs.

Courtesy of EeStairs.

The EeStairs Design Competition challenges students and young designers to design creative, functional staircases and/or balustrades. EeStairs is looking for staircase and/or balustrade designs in two categories; Custom Design and Standard Design. More information about the two categories.

The EeStairs Design Competition provides competitors with an opportunity to gain practical experience alongside a leading specialist whilst also attracting media attention and elevating professional profile. EeStairs publicity surrounding the competition will bring the winners to the attention of industry professionals as well as the general public.

To register and more information, please click here.

Rome Motorino Check Point Architecture Competition, Rome, Italy
31 Jan 2014 : submission deadline

Courtesy of ArchMedium.

Courtesy of ArchMedium.

This competition revolves around resolving the network’s main building: the Motorino Check Point of Termini central station. It has been devised that 1,000 motorised scooters and 250 bicycles will be its new capacity. As an annex programme it will offer supplementary services such as vehicle washing, a shop for revisions and repairs, and a road safety education centre.

To register and more information, please click here.

“The Dressing Spaces” Furniture Elements for Domestic Dressing Spaces, Aldo Morelato Foundation Furniture Competition, Italy
15 May 2014 : submission deadline

Domestic spaces are changing and it becomes necessary to maximise space by using functional and “significant” solutions, designed to store everyday and seasonal clothing.

The invitation for the 2014 edition of the Competition is to present a project and in particular to develop an object, a piece of furniture as a tool used to organise in the best  way our  “dressing spaces”. There are many types of clothing; work clothing, sport-wear, beach-wear clothing for holidays in the mountains, which all  require a different and specific storing system.

The competition is open to professional designers from Italy and abroad as well as to students from different school types  for design and architecture.

To register and more information, please click here.

By Mia Pujol, ESARQ_UIC Team.


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