JPO / Open House chronicle


Despite the awful weather conditions and the long list of events scheduled for our last Jornada de Portes Obertes / Open House, the main feature was the people.

The image of families walking around the campus with glee, shooting the breeze with everyone there on the day, and alumni who had not visited ESARQ in years commenting ‘how everything has changed’ made our day at the same time that the ESARQ made theirs.

Pere Vall, ESARQ-UIC Director

Pere Vall, ESARQ-UIC Director

The JPO/Open House activities combined a talk in the Auditorium looking at what sets the UIC apart from other universities, stage presentations of ESARQ students’s work from the first to the fifth year in different classrooms, ESARQ professors talked about how ESARQ’s Architecture study programme supported students in their preparation to their professional future. What followed such moments of celebration was a delicious set of croquettes, mini sandwiches, cheese and pizzas as well as fizzy drinks and beer, thanks to another very important team: the canteen.
Over all, it was really lovely to see so many people enjoy the space that has become so ordinary and everyday to students like me. The families and other students I spoke to were so excited to be there and everyone commented how wonderful it had been. Around 100 people attended, but there was space for many more! I just hope that it’s just as good in 50 years’ time or less, when I visit as an alumna!

Taller Vertical workshop exhibition

Taller Vertical workshop exhibition

projects exhibition

projects exhibition

snack time

snack time



By Mia Pujol, ESARQ_UIC Team.


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