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SUNDAYS, Manufactured Landscapes, Senda Gallery and more.

This week, we bring you a fine selection of architectural photography, an inspiring track, and an amazing hidden gem in the city by the name of Senda Gallery. 


If you take a stroll one sunny Sunday morning through the peripheries of Barcelona you will most probably come across a strange landscape.

Xavier Ribas’ photographs of the marginal spaces on the periphery of Barcelona, taken between 1994-1997, and published as a monograph in 1998, focus on the dichotomy between the urban definition, or indefinition, of public spaces and the character of everyday practice. His images suggest that while the notion of the super-modern ‘non-place’ (as Marc Augé puts it) implies the idea of alienation, the residual vacant plot and the open ground of the city’s edge can be thought as spaces of freedom.

His photographic works investigate notions of place, memory and the city. Trained as an anthropologist, his work is also informed by former professional experience in the fields of urban planning and architecture.

The question is: Why do people turn these residual spaces into the centre of their leisure activity?

DOCUMENTARY: MANUFACTURED LANDSCAPES. A film by Jennifer Baichwal and Edward Burtynsky.

Rarely witnessed sites such as the Three Gorges Dam (50% larger than any other dam in the world), the interior of a factory which produces 20 million irons a year, and the breathtaking scale of Shanghai’s urban renewal are subjects for Edward Burtynsky’s lens and Jennifer Baichwal’s motion picture camera. Shot in sumptuous super 16mm film, the picture ostensibly provides a thought-provoking exploration of photographer Edward Burtynsky’s legacy in his search for the “aesthetic, social and spiritual dimensions of industrialisation and globalisation.”

EXHIBITION: THE WALLS SPOKE. An exhibition by Anna Malagrida at the SENDA GALLERY.

Slogans and graffiti grew from city walls during the wake of the ‘Indignats’ social movement in Spain in 2011-13. The ‘Walls Spoke’ documents truly exceptional scribbles on very familiar corporate and public building walls in the cities of Barcelona and Madrid. It is accompanied with the recording of the roar of demonstrators. A magnificent exhibition. A journey in time.

Galeria SENDA. Consell de Cent, 337. 08007 Barcelona

PLAYLIST: NOT FADE AWAY. Sung by Buddy Holly/Florence And The Machine/The Rolling Stones/ Bo Diddley

Not Fade Away is just an idea. People say how to be creative? I love this song in all its versions, the Stones or by Florence from Florence And The Machine or Bo Diddley. It’s very straight talking with a great jittery rhythm!

Have a great weekend ESARQ_UIC!
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Mia Pujol, ESARQ team

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