Postgraduate Degree in Materials, Complexity and Technique

Traditional building systems are being replaced thanks to new technologies. The appearance of new building systems goes hand in hand with innovation and the development of new materials, created in conjunction with the construction industry.

Nowadays projects are subject to high technical requirements, technical quality controls and extensive and complex regulations. As a result, professionals must acquire new knowledge aimed at improving the technical quality of their projects.

Considering the materiality of the architectural space is a process parallel to abstract consideration of the space. Following on from this is technique, bringing with it the appearance of new geometries and structural systems, buildings conceived from a material perspective which are in harmony with their surroundings, constructions designed to be energy efficient, etc. Concepts which appear naturally in current architectural projects.

This course aims to treat these themes in detail, offering new theoretical and methodological tools intended to improve and broaden knowledge in the field of architectural projects.

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