Master’s Programme Relational Barcelona. Other ways to conceive the plural city

Barcelona has been and is now a place of transfer, exchange and permanent laboratory of urban proposals which reflect many of the cities.

The new cities, plural and intelligent, not just work in relation to traditional urban areas, infrastructure, plots, network,… but they are incorporating in their growth and development of sustainability criteria, creating balanced communities, new transport technologies, energy and communications as well as cultural and geographical aspects relevant to develop a unique personality or profile.

Barcelona is set every day as a city of reference in Europe and worldwide. Its geographical location, politics, art, cultural and tourist attractions make it a model that allows for reflection on future proposals for the management and intervention in XXII century cities.

The Master “BARCELONA RELATIONAL” organized by the College of Architecture and faculty of the Department of Humanities at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, deepen knowledge of the city-identity, origin, development and future developments, and how the student in a critical, multidisciplinary and able to resolve unknowns purposeful projection, development and management posed by the cities of tomorrow.

The Masters is particularly aimed at graduates interested in growth, development and management of cities from the social, cultural, economic and urban: analysts, cultural managers, communicators, technical managers, technicians, environmental, political analysts, journalists,…

Director : Manel Arenas, Concepción Peig

Web : UIC Masters


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